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Watch Now: North Platte Women’s Bilingual Internet Radio Station Goes Live Saturday | Local

She is also considering selling advertising for the station. At first, the ads will simply be generated in-house, but Fernandez has approached businesses in North Platte and some communities in the region to gauge their interest.

“We went to Lexington yesterday to hand out flyers and stuff (for the station),” she said.

“Lexington is a large Hispanic community, and being a Spanish resort, I think Grand Island, Kearney and (North Platte) are my main areas of interest there.”

Fernandez’s family is from Michoacan, Mexico, and they moved to North Platte from California when she was in college.

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She said the idea for the station came from her family’s love for music and from an entrepreneurial spirit.

His father is a guitarist, keyboardist and drummer, and there have been family businesses such as cleaning, landscaping, and restaurants.

“I take both music and business (the background) and mix them together,” Fernandez said.

She first thought of a career in the medical field, but decided not to. This weekend will mark his first time as a broadcaster.

“I’m really nervous about this,” admitted Fernandez, “but we hope for the best and I really believe it’s going to be okay. I have a great support system – my family and my husband. It’s amazing . “

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