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The State of Emergency has completed testing of the new broadcasting system, Aroged

The National Emergency Service of Ukraine has completed testing a new public alert system with cell broadcast technology in the future. It will be judged and used to send real threatening signals to Ukrainians. Roman Primush, vice president of the State Emergency Service, announced this on his Facebook page.

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It was very clear in our opinion that announcing the threat of using nuclear weapons was worse for Ukrainians than Putin. The state of emergency announced the switch to cell broadcasting at the end of April, and on September 7, in Ukraine, a prototype test began, with sound squeals, and the effects of surprise, have makes these notifications one of the most talked about topics on UAnet, and the system itself one of the cult memes in wartime. The State Emergency Service thanks Ukraine for its patience and apologizes for any inconvenience related to the testimony.

I understand that the tests started on September 7, but it was a very good time to study, but the complex technical solutions and the problems that needed to be solved required a limited time.

In the future, this system will be used to display real-time signs of threats against Ukrainians. We are working with the cell phone manufacturer to provide alerts to more customers and more people.

Thank you all again for your understanding and patience. Everything will be Ukraine.

Romans, Prympus, etc.

Deputy Chairman of the State Corps of Emergency Engineers.

According to Roman Primush, the implementation of the system was estimated at several million dollars and almost a year for all the work. Thanks to the efforts of mobile operators, such as the Ukrainian Association of Telecommunications Operators Telas, a manufacturer of smartphones and mobile communication equipment, as well as global software providers, this project is being implemented free of charge.

In our article, we have discussed the main advantages of cell broadcasting, which are discussed in detail.


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The state emergency department and mobile operators are testing a new notification system using cell broadcast technology.