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The best Internet radio 2022: our recommendations

If you’re looking for a modern and functional radio, you’ve probably seen a term: Internet radio. Radios equipped for this purpose can extract programs directly from the network. This has the advantages of station diversity and transmission quality. But which is the right internet radio for you? We’ll show you our favorites from Test Lab.

The right Internet radio for you

It doesn’t matter whether it’s digital radio or internet radio: today’s best radios aren’t just radios. Not only in their functions, they also reverse the automatic shutdown of the alarm clock to use it as a power bank. When it comes to the types of receive and playback options, many manufacturers seem to work by the motto: What’s the harm in anything more? However, the feature jungle makes it difficult to keep track of interested parties. To help you, we introduce you to three Internet radios and explain to you what they are particularly suitable for.

Internet radio with the most storage

Radio reception: DAB+, FM, Internet Radio | other sources: Bluetooth, Spotify Connect | service: App on device | Dimensions (WxHxD): 12.1 x 14.9 x 22.1 cm | Price (MSRP/list price): 279.99 euros / approx. 260 euros

  • wide radio reception
  • good stereo sound
  • allows streaming
  • no sex
  • Battery operation only optional for additional charging

The Pure Evoque Play combines the comfortable design of the Pure Evoque series with stereo sound and modern streaming features. The model has no physical connections, but all wireless doors are open to you with Bluetooth, streaming via WLAN, DAB+ and FM as well as Internet radio. When it comes to internet radio, the Pure Evoque Play stands out for its storage options: you can save up to 40 stations as presets. Play also benefits from compatibility with the multi-vendor UNDOK Control app. This way, you can track different types of channels on the web.

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sixty frontal with internet radio teufel radio 3 plant

Internet radio with 360° Teufel sound

Radio reception: DAB+, FM, Internet Radio | other sources: Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, AUX (MiniLink), USB-C | service: App, on device, remote control | Dimensions (WxHxD): 28 x 17.5 x 16cm | (MSRP/Retail price): €349.99 / approx. 300 euros

  • 360° sound with Dynamore technology
  • Multiple sources, including physical connections
  • Control via app, remote control, voice control or device
  • power bank function

The Teufel Radio 3Sixty is probably the most classic receiver in the Teufel range. The radio reassures with a variety of wireless and physical connection options – internet radio should not be missing. In our tests, the 3Sixty was able to deliver impressive sound for a radio. Thanks to Teufel’s Dynamore technology, the sound comes out of the radio evenly, whether you’re behind or in front. This way, you can fully enjoy the best possible quality that Internet radio streams promise.

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Pure Ewok Spot Internet Radio With Plant

small size internet radio

Radio reception: DAB+, FM, Internet Radio | other sources: Bluetooth, Spotify Connect | service: App on device | Dimensions (WxHxD): 12 x 18.8 x 11cm | Price (MSRP/list price): 199.99 euros / approx. 180 euros

  • Directs streaming through Spotify Connect
  • ok sound
  • Sleek and understated design
  • configuration in English only
  • no sex

Instantly recognizable on sight: connection to Pure Evoque Play. Due to the size, among other things, you will have to settle for low sound with the Pure Evoque Spot. But you can also get good sound with the smaller model for dimensions. In terms of design, the small size naturally has an advantage: the Pure Evoque Spot should fill any void in your living room, no matter how small. An internet radio for anyone looking for good sound in a small package.

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What is important when buying an Internet radio

As the name suggests, you need two things to get internet radio: internet and a compatible radio. In fact, you can even get internet-based stations through the corresponding app. However, an Internet radio has the advantage of offering you a number of relaxing functions like an alarm clock in addition to a loudspeaker and other reception modes and playback modes. What you can (and should) expect from your new internet radio is listed here for you.

Internet radios im Klang-check

As with Internet radio and receivers for DAB+, the quality depends on two factors: the built-in loudspeaker and the quality with which the individual programs are broadcast. In theory, DAB+ has the advantage, with a possible bit rate of 144 kbit/s. Internet radio only reaches 128 kbit/s. In practice, however, many DAB+ stations broadcast with significantly lower bitrates. If you can find a station that focuses on high-quality broadcasting, you’re often best served with internet radio – as long as your internet connection remains stable.

Then there is the sound quality. If good sound is important to you, you should make sure you have a radio with stereo playback, such as the Pure Evoque Play or the Teufel Radio 3 Sixty. Internet radios such as the Evoque Spot only produce mono sound. In the end, like many things, it all depends on what you are looking for. The internet radios we have tested so far are relatively small radios given that they are able to explain with decent sound. However, radios generally cannot compete with Bluetooth speakers in the same price range. In return, they offer a number of nice extras that justify the purchase.

Pure Evoque Play Front Internet Radio
The Pure Evoque Play promises stereo sound.

Operation and station search: easy via app

An important factor in your purchasing decision should be the number of stations you can stock. After all, almost any broadcaster, regardless of background, can offer their program online. So you can get thousands of stations. Storage spaces help keep track of things. Of the radios we’ve tested so far, the Pure Evoque Play has the most slots, with 40 presets. Apps such as the manufacturer-independent UNDOK app or the Teufel Remote app can also make it easier for you to navigate – by swiping your thumb through channel lists on your mobile phone – instead of clicking your way through the channel menu. sometimes awkward display. becomes easier.

Additional playback options: more than just Internet radio

As you may have noticed, most internet radios are not exclusively internet radios. Since they already have Wi-Fi, it makes sense to offer streaming options like Spotify Connect. Radio reception via DAB+ and FM is also frequent, as is via Bluetooth. If you opt for an Internet radio, depending on the model, you will almost certainly get a multifunctional system for your living room. An alarm clock, sleep timer or even the ability to charge your phone are all features you can expect from your new radio.

Therefore, Internet radio is in many ways a true complete solution. You get the widest choice of stations, some much better quality than DAB+ or FM. You can also easily transfer to Spotify and other streaming services, either directly via WLAN or via Bluetooth. Your new Internet radio may still be living a double life as a clock radio: so before you buy it, think carefully about what a radio should be able to do for you.

Are you currently looking for an internet radio? What should a radio be able to do for you? Tell us in the comments!