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The Best Free Internet Radio Recorders

Most media players support internet radio, so it is possible to play streams directly in the player. All it takes is finding the right station, which usually happens either on websites such as Shoutcast or in programs if they come with a default station list.

When it comes to recording, internet radio offers many advantages, including dividing recordings into songs, recording multiple streams at the same time, and features to search and record interesting songs.

Internet radio is one of the few free legal options for increasing a digital music collection in a short time. If you can record 14 songs per stream per hour and record 10 streams for one hour per day, you end up with 140 songs after just one day, 980 songs after one week, and 3920 songs after one month.

The programs listed below had to meet certain requirements described below. Programs that have not been included in the list.

To note: We have only included Internet radio recorders in the list and not audio recorders in general. You can use an audio recorder like Audacity to record Internet radio, but it’s nowhere near as comfortable.


  • A free version of Internet Radio Recorder should be available.
  • It should be compatible with all recent 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • The recorder cannot limit the number of recordings.

The List of Best Internet Radio Recorders

Below is the list of programs that meet the requirements displayed above. The list is sorted alphabetically and then you find a table with information that you can use to compare the programs with each other.

A recommendation is added at the end that reveals the program or programs we recommend.

Radio Sure (no longer available)

The free version of Radio Sure comes with over 17,000 stations according to the developer. Although it is limited in some ways it can record two stations simultaneously for example it offers most of the features one would expect from a great internet radio recording app including unlimited recordings, options to add new stations or favorites support to quickly access favorite stations.

To use it, select one of the supported stations to play in the interface. If you want to record, press the red record button to do so.



The free version of RarmaRadio seems limited to recording a single station. It displays thousands of stations sorted by genre, network or region in its interface which you can browse and search.

You can also add your own stations to the program or use the search if that’s what you prefer. Once you select a station, it starts playing automatically. You need to press the record button to start recording.

Here you have the option to record the stream for as long as you want, record for a certain period, or record just one song.

RarmaRadio supports several additional options, including scheduled recordings of specific stations, a wishlist function to automatically save songs if they are played, and even an option to rip audio CDs.

Screaming radio

howler radio

Screamer Radio limits playback and recording to a single station. Although it does, it offers several useful features to make the process more comfortable.

This includes options to create a group of favorites for easy access, support for custom stations, and options to only save a currently playing song.

The interface itself is easy to use. You start by selecting a radio station from the presets menu, sorted by genre, and you’ll notice it starts playing automatically once you do. All that remains is to press the rec button to start recording.

Spesoft Shoutoff (no longer available)

spesoft cry

This free program comes with hundreds of radio stations from which you can select one for playback and recording. The program’s limitations are unfortunate, especially since there are no options to play and record different stations, or search for specific songs that interest you.

The recorder supports recording streams as mp3 or ogg files, which some users may like.



As far as internet radio recorders go, this is the app to use. You can record as many stations as your computer and internet connection are capable of simultaneously, which can be a lot.

To do this, simply select the stations using the browser attached to the right of the program window or the title search function which you can use to find specific songs that interest you.

Even better, the program’s wishlist feature allows you to add songs you want to save to it. If streamWriter notices that a song from your wishlist is playing, it will start recording it for you automatically. There is also an ignore list that does the opposite of this.

Recordings can be scheduled, which can be great if you like a particular show and want to make sure you record it whenever you can’t listen to it.

The program automatically takes care of commercials for you, supports track splitting with silence detection and post-processing.

Comparison chart

Program name Stations Custom Recording limits Sizes Other
radio of course 17,000+ yes 2 posts mp3, ogg, aac, wma Split songs, avoid duplicates
Rarma Radio thousands yes 1 post mp3, wma, ogg schedule recordings, wish list,
Screaming radio 4000+ yes 1 post mp3, ogg, aac, wma Stream encoding, portable, split chunks
Spesoft ShoutOff hundreds Nope 1 post mp3, ogg OpenCandy Installer
streamWriter 15,000+ yes unlimited mp3, aac, portable, skip ads, schedule recordings, post-processing, wishlist function


While all recorders allow you to record radio stations, streamWriter excels in this area. It not only supports recording as many stations as you want, but offers a massive amount of features to make the process even better.

Apart from the scheduled recordings, it is the wish list which is a great addition. Just add the songs you want to record but can’t find in the list and the program will take care of the rest.

Although the chances are higher if a song is popular, you will be surprised how quickly songs in the wishlist are found and saved even if they are not too popular.

: Are you using a different program to record Internet radio? Or a different method? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.


The Best Free Internet Radio Recorders

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The Best Free Internet Radio Recorders

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