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The 5 best free internet radio apps for Android

Remember years ago when you were sitting in your kitchen playing with your radio antenna, trying to find a channel that isn’t just static? One has the impression that the need for a radio has long passed, especially among the younger generations.

But what if you still want to listen to the radio without having one? If so, check out these five apps for listening to the radio from your phone.

1. Listen to the radio

TuneIn is your go-to app for all things audio. It has hundreds of different stations including news, talk, and music radios. TuneIn will show you which stations are popular in your area, which focus on sports, news, and which ones are local to you. You can also find stations in different languages.

In addition to radio, TuneIn gives you access to podcasts covering a wide range of topics, such as real crime, mindfulness, comedy, and tech. You can bookmark specific radio and podcast channels so you can easily return to them at any time, so you don’t have to search for your favorite stations every time.

You can also use the car mode option of the app if you want to listen to the radio or podcasts on the go. Car mode is essentially a much more basic version of the app – a simple black and white screen with four main options: favorites, recent, recommended, and voice search. You can only search for stations by voice through car mode, rather than searching manually, which makes the experience much safer on the road.

The TuneIn app shows regular ads during your listening time, but these can be removed with the premium version, which costs around $ 10 per month. The premium version also offers content that you cannot access using the free version.

To download: TuneIn Radio (free and premium version available)

2. My radio

My radio gives you access to a wide range of radio stations, music and talk shows, including 50,000, in fact. The app works the same as TuneIn Radio, where you can narrow your search to talk about radio, news, sports, etc. The layout is slightly smoother, more like Spotify than anything else.

You can find stations and shows from all over the world by browsing the content in the Country option of the app. Here you can find stations from Poland to China, from Japan to Jamaica. You can also browse a number of different genres including classic, alternative, house, and oldies.

If you find stations you like, you can like the stations you chose and keep them on your Favorites page, so you can listen to them again quickly and easily.

The My Radio app has a premium version, with which you can get rid of advertisements, set a sleep timer and access better sound quality. But you can access the majority of the features with the free version alone, as long as you don’t mind the ads!

To download: My radio (free and premium version available)

3. has a wide range of radio stations, podcasts, and talk shows for you to choose from. On the app’s discovery page, you can search from hundreds of different radio stations, including the app’s top 100 stations.

If you’re not into radio, you can check out the app’s podcast page to find podcasts on crime, parenting, health, real crime, and more. Like some of the other apps mentioned here, also allows you to bookmark your top podcasts and stations for easy access anytime.

You can remove the ads displayed on the app with its premium version, but you will have no problem with the free version alone if you don’t mind them.

To download: (free and premium version available)

4. Simple radio

The Simple Radio app is just that: simple. Unlike all of the other apps mentioned here, Simple Radio aims to give you a radio experience without any additional features or add-ons, making it quite a streamlined and easy-to-navigate app.

It’s perfect for those who just want to listen to their favorite radio stations, rather than talk shows and podcasts.

You can either scroll through the list of radio stations on the app to find the right one for you, or simply search for the station you want through the app’s search bar option. You can also create a favorites list so that you can quickly resume listening to your best stations without having to search.

To download: Simple radio (free and premium version available)

5. Dashboard radio

Dash Radio is a great app for accessing anything audio. However, it works a little differently from the other apps mentioned here. Instead of offering your typical and renowned radio stations, Dash Radio has its own set of channels focused on a wide range of different musical genres, from jazz to electric, to pop and beyond.

All of the content produced and offered by Dash Radio is completely original, with over 80 of its own stations and nearly 500 different radio personalities. You can find stations such as Afrobeats, Disco Fever, Grunge, Pure Soul, and Y2K. No matter the decade or genre, Dash Radio will have the kind of music you are looking for.

There’s even a SoundCloud radio station available with hundreds of original tracks to listen to.

You also won’t have to deal with frustrating ads during your listening time when using Dash Radio, which is a plus. But keep in mind that the app will automatically favorite stations that match the genre preferences you entered when you signed up.

To download: Dashboard radio (free)

Now you can stay tuned anywhere

Things have certainly changed since the days when we all listened to our radios in the morning. You can now access as many stations, if not more, on your own phone. With these apps, you can access your favorite stations and podcasts wherever you are, without having to worry about an antenna.

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