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SiriusXM’s New Satellite Radio Program Is Designed For A Two-Car Home

Many cars now support Bluetooth. In short, satellite radio services are less relevant than ever. Nonetheless, the SiriusXM is still a thing, and for those who enjoy the satellite radio experience while driving, there is a new plan called Platinum VIP. The new plan will serve two cars, including streaming access, for a single price.

SiriusXM is best known for its satellite radio service, which provides drivers in the pre-smartphone era with high-quality audio content such as music and radio programs for commuting. The company then launched a streaming service that rivals alternatives like Spotify, but offers satellite radio for those who have a car stereo system to support it.

There are several benefits that SiriusXM offers to drivers. This means that you don’t have to worry about your phone all the time, but can access and control it like a traditional radio. SiriusXM also has an extensive library of exclusive content and more specialized services such as talk shows and sports broadcasts.

If you own two cars, or live with someone who owns your own car, and satellite radio, SiriusXM, is worth it, I have a new plan for you. Platinum VIP costs $ 35 per month and allows two cars / users to simultaneously access satellite radio services and the company’s streaming app.

As expected, customers have access to an ad-free experience. Additionally, the Platinum VIP plan includes a variety of sports content, including two Howard Stern channels, access to Pandora stations, the company’s original podcasts, and live commentary on major games. Comedy pieces, etc.

These offers include what SiriusXM calls “VIP Benefits”. This includes access to approximately 5,000 live concert recordings and videos via These subscribers also receive priority customer service calls. Platinum VIP joins other newly rebranded packages such as Platinum, Music & Entertainment, Music Showcase and Choose & Save.

SiriusXM’s New Satellite Radio Program Is Designed For A Two-Car Home

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