Radio broadcasting

Seidl is not in favor of FIA radio broadcast

McLaren boss Andreas Seidl admits he’s not a fan of the decision to air Michael Masi’s radio talks with the teams.

As if feuds between drivers, racing engineers and team leaders weren’t enough, as Formula One Management seeks to play the Netflixization of the sport in terms of rivalries and resentment, it now offers racing fans the ‘access to the race director, The conversations of Michael Masi.

Already under intense scrutiny and pressure, often blamed for the decisions actually made by the Stewards, Masi had a race nightmare on Sunday, at one point the Australian even eclipsed Nikita Mazepin in terms of indignation of the crowd on social networks.

For many, the low point, aside from his plea to Mercedes that “I can only press as many buttons as possible”, was the “deal” with Red Bull and its German rival in the plaza as Max Verstappen. would take on the grid on the second restart.

Far from improving the F1 experience, many believe that broadcasting such conversations puts the sport in a bad light, one of which is Andreas Seidl.

“I think the only reason it’s a debate now is because it’s being passed on,” he said. “You didn’t hear that stuff before. It’s a big difference.

“To be honest, from my point of view, I’ve never been a fan of spreading this communication,” he admits, “because there’s also back and forth around security, et cetera, which I don’t think. not necessarily should always be.

“But that’s my opinion on it,” he continued. “I don’t think the principle of communication has changed, I would say in terms of going back and forth it’s even more control than it used to be because everyone knows it goes bankrupt.”