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Radio Program in Brief: Beyond the Words with Sean Castle on SWR 99.9FM

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Sydney, New South Wales April 8, 2022 ( – We reached out to Sean Castle, host of Beyond the lyrics to SWR 99.9 FM. We asked him a few questions about himself and what he brings to SWR.

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Safer The Magazine+:

What brought you to SWR?

Sean’s Castle: Always loved radio of all kinds. Talkback, sport, news and politics but above all music. I’ve wanted to join in on having fun with my own music show for ages and took a beginners course in broadcasting which was great but due to a very busy job and chasing 3 kids I never had time until recently.

And SWR is my local community radio and I’ve always listened to them and it made perfect sense to be a local to get involved. Community radio is an important part of the mix to make radio and media accessible and available to everyone and SWR 99.9 FM is at the forefront of this.

What can your listeners expect from Beyond the Lyrics?

Sean’s Castle: My goal is to allow listeners to learn something to remember either from the song or from the artists involved. That’s why I called my show “Beyond The Lyrics” – because I want my listeners to take a short trip with me “Beyond the Lyrics” and I hope it will enhance their enjoyment and knowledge.

What is your favorite artist/group?

Sean’s Castle: Where do I start? Where do I end?
I love 70s-90s Australian rock as my main passion. AC/DC, Chisel, Angels, INXS, Divinyls, Icehouse, you can browse a massive list of them who were all superstars and are still in high demand on the touring scene today. Watch the big festivals and see who is still ahead – Barnsey, my man Farnsey, Susie De Machi, The Jets and Gleaso leading The Angels. I could go on. I also love Overseas Legends, GnR, Bon Jovi, Bowie, Springsteen – the list is endless.

But I go way beyond rock and I like a lot of genres and right now I like Vance Joy!

And I also like the strange love song and the heartbreaking song. Whitney! What a voice!!

But I also like local artists. I recently had Lisa Budin in the studio and her range of songs are fantastic, it’s the best version of The Carpenters covers I’ve heard. Other Blacktown locals like Cap Carter and Breakfast Road really show off the talent Western Sydney has to offer.

What does a good night look like for Sean Castle?

Sean’s Castle: Anywhere I can see top quality live music, a good meal and a drink at a great price.

Where can I get Sean Castle updates?

Sean Castle Shows Beyond the lyrics all Monday evening at 9 p.m. Sydney time. You can follow his Facebook page for news and updates directly from him, or even send him a message if you like!

Sean Castle can also be reached online via his Facebook:

or his Twitter handle @SeanCastle15,

Beyond the Lyrics streams online at

or on the IHEART radio network:

Or live on the radio on SWR 99.9FM