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Podcast # 272 – “Geek of the Week” and the Beginning of Internet Radio

Carl Malamud is credited with having one of the very first streaming internet talk radio shows, “Geek of the Week,” starting in 1993. And because it was also available for download, it is considered like a proto-podcast.

Carl joins us this week to delve deeper into this early internet radio story, recounting how his efforts quickly snowballed from a weekly interview show with internet pioneers to live streaming. National Press Club lunches and congressional hearings.

SUNY Oneonta’s Professor Andrew Bottomley also joins us as a special expert co-host to help us put these accomplishments into historical perspective. Carl tells us that he has always been more motivated to ‘do it for real’, rather than to write a guidance document, and that he was also motivated by an open commitment, to ensure access to the public. public to civically important information. Today, he continues to work for the cause of public information as the founder and president of Public Resource.

This episode originally aired on July 21, 2020. Where a longer version of the interview is available.

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