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Podcast 253 – Sound Streams: An Analysis of the History of Internet Radio

Internet radio was born over 25 years ago, yet, according to Edison Research, it was only in the last month that the medium only garnered 10% of all listening time broadcast in states. -United. We could at least lay the blame on the commercial radio industry, which only adopted it in the 2000s, long after the pioneers of college, community and public radio.

Professor Andrew Bottomley returns to the show to help us understand the reasons for the late acceptance of mainstream broadcasters and explore why college broadcasters were in the foreground. His new book is “Sound Streams: A Cultural History of Radio-Internet Convergence,” detailing the first comprehensive history of online audio streaming.

We also discuss the similarities between long-distance listening, a / k / a DXing, and internet radio, and how societal changes brought about by COVID-19 are affecting online radio and podcasting.

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