Internet radio

Internet radio station helps Ukrainian refugees in Prague

An Internet radio station has started broadcasting information, news and music specially designed for some 300,000 Ukrainian refugees. This radio station helps refugees who arrived in the Czech Republic after the Russian attack on Ukrainian land.

Natalia Churikova, an experienced journalist, said she couldn’t say no to an offer to become the channel’s editor-in-chief.

“It was for my people, for people who really needed help, who really needed support, something that would help them start a new life or start their life over here after going through some really bad things in trying to escape from Ukraine,” Churikova said. .

Employee Sofia Tatomyr is among those who left their homeland to escape the war. She is from the western city of Kalush and was planning to move to another city in Ukraine when a friend called her one morning: “Sofia, the war has just started.

Her family decided to stay home, but they wanted her to run away to her aunt in Prague.

“It happened all of a sudden,” she said. “When I was already abroad, I remember when I was crying and trying to buy a ticket and I couldn’t spell which ticket I needed. It was really difficult,” said she declared.

Bohemia Media, came up with the idea to launch the radio station. He cooperated with the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​as well as the local Ukrainian community and provided his studio and technical support to help create this radio in just three weeks.