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Project description

Glacer FM is the world’s best internet radio station focused on unsigned and independent music of all kinds. Our music channels are self-explanatory and continually try to find melodies that will generally be of interest to each audience.
Glacer Mix plays a wide assortment of musical genres ranging from alternative, blues, jazz, classical, dance, raggae, house, electronic and world music to African and traditional musical genres. It shows the best of the free and unsigned works of these musical genres as well as interviews and broadcasts related to various companies on the planet.
GLACER FM’s independent channel (GLACER UNDERGROUND) allows every artist to be heard on the LIVE transmission by our global audience.
We attract a group of music enthusiasts with different musical inclusion for the digital age. We mainly focus on your requests for artists and melodies. Our songs and music are based on public demand.
You can listen to this service online via stream, for example on your computer or smartphone. With AM/FM or HD radio, you can listen to the radio with an Internet connection. Internet radio is usually listened to on a standard home PC or similar device via the built-in player located on the respective radio station’s website. Glacer FM offers news, sports, talk and various musical genres, all formats found on traditional radio.
Glacer FM is generally accessible from anywhere in the world with an appropriate internet connection.