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How to turn your Chromecast into an Internet radio

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No one can deny that the Chromecast is the best media player you can buy to enhance the capabilities of your smart TV. The Google dongle offers an array of possibilities for you to get the most out of a device whose price has made it a true bestseller. In addition, any Google Certified Smart TV with Android TV or Google TV has a built-in Chromecast so that you can mirror your phone’s screen in the most comfortable way and display it on a bigger screen. Moreover, if you know the best tricks for Chromecast, you will be able to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by this complete media player. For example, we have already explained to you how to try all of its new products before everyone else, or the best way to enjoy it more in the summer. Today we want to show you how to turn your Chromecast into an Internet radio. So you can use your Chromecast as an online radio. There is nothing better than listening to music to liven up any party. Either because you have company at home or because you just want to have some background music, listening to the radio is a great option to consider. The problem is that fewer and fewer devices with this element. For example, it is almost impossible to find a high-end cell phone with an FM radio. Fortunately, with Chromecast, you can listen to your favorite radio stations in the most comfortable way. And the truth is, apps aren’t going to be lacking when you listen to the radio using a Google Chromecast. But to make things easier for you, we have made a selection with two applications that will meet your expectations. For starters, the two apps we have chosen are completely free. It is true that you will see advertising, but it is not at all intrusive. And since you won’t have to pay a dollar to enjoy your radio stations on the Chromecast, they’re worth a try. Also, and how could it be otherwise, all the radio apps we have selected for you are Chromecast compatible. This way, you will only have to install them on your mobile phone or tablet and send the signal to the Google media player via the Cast button available in the app. The first option we want to recommend to you is myTuner Radio. We are talking about an application that will allow you to listen to radio from all over the world. This way you can practice languages ​​or listen to stations around the world. Its operation is very simple, so you will have no problem using this free app to listen to the radio on your Chromecast. Download myTuner Radio If you only want to listen to Spanish radio, do not hesitate to download, a free application compatible with Chromecast so that you can enjoy your favorite stations in the most comfortable way. Download Radio.

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