Internet radio Revolutionizes Internet Radio Monitoring Worldwide

With the Internet’s overwhelming ubiquity and everyone’s love of music, information regarding radio broadcasting is invaluable to anyone looking to grow their music brand.

Texas, Houston, December 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With the Internet’s overwhelming ubiquity and everyone’s love of music, information regarding radio broadcasting is invaluable to anyone looking to grow their music brand. Radio broadcast tracking is the perfect tool for any individual or business in the music industry to grow and strengthen their audience. Inc. is a privately held United States-based company that has developed a user-friendly platform that provides music customers with lucrative and creative marketing research initiatives. The company also provides information that is personally designed to help music-related brands around the world generate profitable growth and reach new heights. Inc. is one of the world’s leading internet radio monitoring companies that tracks the radio broadcast of songs played on more than 5,000 radio stations around the world. These stations consist of: Terrestrial FM (Commercial & Non-Commercial), College, Satellite as well as thousands of streaming internet radio stations. DRT has customized an all-inclusive and superior tracking technology software that monitors the radio broadcast detection of songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This innovation is paired with powerful and invaluable real-time online streaming information that is revolutionizing song tracking. This amazing technology does not require any special encoding or fingerprinting. The system’s unique database records songs that are played on all radio stations that DRT is currently monitoring. The DRT website also provides music listings of songs played nationally for the current week for Pop, Hip-Hop / R & B, Country, Christian / Gospel, Rock, and other genres. ‘interest. Inc. tracks and records over 45 million songs that are played weekly and compiles the information for charting as well as DRT reports for its clients. A DRT report provides information about a song that was broadcast on a specific station, the exact time of day / night it was played and, most importantly, it displays the number of times the song has been played. . DRT also offers eight week historical reports that list the history of broadcast detections on all stations monitored by DRT during the previous eight weeks. Additionally, DRT provides comprehensive reports that describe the exact time of day a song is played on each of DRT’s monitored stations as well as any remixed versions being played. Since the conception of music monitoring, no other company has provided this kind of specialized information. Other broadcast monitoring companies have only merged the information into one report, making it impossible to determine which version of a song is being played. In addition, DRT is the only company in the United States to monitor BBC Radio, which is the largest radio network in Europe. DRT also monitors radio stations from other continents such as Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. This allows DRT to become more inherently valuable to its customers as well as expand into the most popular European markets and major markets overseas.

“In today’s music market, having the right tools is important to be successful. Information is everything, ”says Michael Matthews of DRT. “DRT provides the right analysis to its clients, which allows them to have the greatest impact on their target market! “

As technology becomes even more prevalent in our lives, new techniques are made available to exploit the opportunities presented. What DRT can accomplish for artists, record labels, publishers, reservation agents, radio station programmers and music industry companies is a big step forward and will empower everyone. to be competitive. DRT Reports are a valuable tool that any artist, record company, manager, or anyone in the music industry can use to promote their radio story.

“The mission of the DRT is simple, we want to give a voice to small radio stations, both online and in the small market Terrestrial FM, which would otherwise be ignored. At DRT, we want to add value to the music industry and allow independent artists and labels as well as majors to chart a clear course in an ultra-competitive market! explains Matthews.

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