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Closure of the Reciva Internet radio platform

C. Crane, Grace Digital do other projects

Reciva shutdown webpage
The Reciva web page has the bad news in mind.

The Internet radio aggregation platform Reciva, which provides the tuning systems for certain Internet / WiFi radios manufactured by manufacturers such as C. Crane, Grace Digital and Tangent, is due to close by April 30, 2021.

Radio World found no reason for the shutdown issued by Qualcomm, owner of the Reciva platform.

Originally, the shutdown was scheduled to take place on January 31, 2021, but that deadline was extended to mid-January.

A message titled “Notice: Effective April 30, 2021, this website will be removed” appears on the website. This has led to desperate messages from many internet radio fans.

“When Qualcomm pulls out the plug, it’s gone,” wrote Solo2, administrator of the Internet Radio Forum.

“In the meantime – and I guess it goes without saying – don’t buy a new or used WiFi radio that relies on Reciva because it won’t work properly without the Reciva aggregation service,” www.swling said. com.

Coinciding with Reciva’s impending disappearance, C. Crane prepares to release the CC WiFi-3 internet radio. Unlike the previous CC WiFi radio that worked on Reciva, the CC WiFi-3 uses the Skytune platform.

C. Crane posted this post on his own website: “We were happy to be one of the first companies to offer ad-free internet radio because it allowed anyone to listen to the world at no cost. Fifteen years ago, Ben [Terrell], the founder of Reciva, had a small team to create the software and volunteers around the world to help manage the station’s feeds. We’re sorry, but Reciva’s software will soon stop working.

To help blocked WiFi CC owners, C. Crane is offering a number of replacement offers, including a half-price sale (US $ 60 plus shipping, until June 1) for owners of CC WiFi whose sets are no longer under warranty. C. Crane posted an article on Reciva’s situation here.

Meanwhile, Grace Digital is helping owners of its older WiFi radios (manufactured from 2007 to 2017) who depend on Reciva.

“If you own an old Internet radio, to ease the transition, Grace Digital will offer special one-time discounts to affected customers,” the company’s upgrade page says. He adds that, “based on the current information provided to Grace Digital, the presets will continue to work for basic internet radio stations… However, please note that this strategy will only work with standard radio stations.”

Finally, Tangent came across a list of Internet radio stations affected by the shutdown of the Reciva platform. Referring to its now discontinued Tangent QUATTRO internet radio, “As a manufacturer of radios, we are unable to offer alternative software as the module and software are made by RECIVA,” Tangent-Audio said. .com.

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