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AUDIO: Howard’s impression of his mom calls the internet radio host’s joke ‘Mother’

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Howard’s impression of his mother Ray has continued to pay off in the world of fake phone calls. On Monday morning, he debuted a new prank in which his “mom” called a curious spiritual program hosted by new age fanatics, Tara and Mother.

“They believe aliens run our planet,” Howard told listeners before playing the clip, adding, “We pranked them with drops of me talking about his recent health issues.”

The call began with Howard complaining that his mother wouldn’t eat and it wasn’t long before internet radio hosts were pushing everything from liquid food supplements to euthanasia. “Have you ever heard of spirulina? It’s a green algae drink. ‘S’ as in ‘Sam’, ‘P’ as in ‘Paul’, ‘I’ as in ‘ISIS’,” Tara began, adding, “Go to a health food store, they know a lot about helping people. people to… Make [their] transition and go to the other side.

While the hosts had a lot to say about homeopathic medicine, they felt uncomfortable when Howard’s mother changed the subject for television. “Time to go,” Tara said. “We don’t watch TV that way.”

“Oh my. That’s not what Admiral Sananda Kumara taught,” Mother added with a grunt. “It’s…the inherent evil that accompanies death.”