Internet radio

Building an internet radio is quick and easy with the ESP32

Terrestrial radio is fine, but it limits you to listening to local stations. [Nick Koumaris] lives in a small town in southern Greece and unfortunately his favorite stations do not broadcast in his area. So an Internet radio was the natural solution. [David Watts] made a similar build, throwing the material inside a stunning 1970s […]

Radio broadcasting

Spotify invents century-old broadcasting with a new feature

Spotify today announced a new feature for its ecosystem that reminds you of century-old innovation. “Today we start testing a new listening experience that brings music and spoken content together in a simple and elegant package, allowing full songs and conversational commentary to live together in one show.” , the company said in the Liberation. […]

Radio program

Radio show helps save critically endangered gorillas in Nigeria

Community-based conservation measures are essential to protect the Cross River Gorilla, and a radio program reaching up to 4 million listeners in Nigeria is encouraging local community members to become active participants in conservation. In today’s episode of the Mongabay Newscast, we chat with Hillary Chukwuemeka, host of the radio show called “My Gorilla My […]

Internet radio

What is Internet radio? – Who?

Internet radio is accessible online, so you need a broadband connection and a home Wi-Fi network rather than a traditional antenna to receive it. Alternatively, you can connect your radio to the Internet using an Ethernet cable, but this is only useful if you plan to have your radio near your router. Some, but not […]