Radio program

South Philly students produce radio show through PhillyCAM youth program

Over the past two months, 15 young adults from across the region, including South Philly residents and students from Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), have immersed themselves in media studies with PhillyCAM. Above: The students prepare for their first live performance. (Grace Maiorano/SPR) As high school students gathered in a circle […]

Internet radio

10 of the Best Internet Radio Stations for Music

When commercial radio and streaming service playlists can feel like you’re advertised by record labels rather than the community sharing of music they promise, where do you go to find new sounds? Some of us are lucky enough to have found guru-like personalities lurking in our local record stores, but what happens after hours? And […]

Internet radio

Internet radio and television broadcasts are now under the control of RTÜK

ANKARA The Supreme Council of Turkish Radio and Television (RTÜK) has officially received the power to regulate and regularly monitor shared audio and visual broadcasting on the Internet. class=”cf”> According to a regulation on the “presentation of radio, television and optional programs on the Internet” published in the Official Gazette on August 1, the watchdog’s […]