How to Build a positive credit history?

The value of loans for the first half of 2019 exceeded USD 3.8 billion, the number of clients of companies granting loans is also growing. Why do we decide on debt and if and how we pay it back, the leader of consumer loans Good Credit loans checked for the second time.

How many people still don’t read contracts?

How many people still don

Do we prefer to borrow from the family or in specialized companies? What are the most common goals for us? The Index Good Credit practices answers these and other questions about the motives for incurring and repaying Poles’ financial obligations. Build a positive credit history.

” The second edition of opinion poll conducted by Biostat shows changes in consumer behavior conditioned by awareness, needs and development of loan tools. Many index partners, including the Conference of Financial Enterprises, Polish Association of Loan Institutions, have engaged in substantive support and dissemination of the topic.

The survey diagnoses the level of Poles’ awareness about paying bills, fees and planning expenses from the family budget. The report presents 5 strategic areas that answer questions about the behavior of borrowers:

  1. Budget planning – what are we ready to take out a loan for, and what expenses do we finance from savings?
  2. Repayment – how do we prioritize expenses?
  3. Financial problems – to whom do we go for the necessary financial injection?
  4. Debt – why do we need reminder about arrears and are we aware of the consequences of late repayments of installments
  5. Awareness – what are we most afraid of taking loans?

Due to the gender division


We learned some interesting facts about the credit preferences of women and men. The former will take out a loan to improve housing conditions. Therefore, more often than men, they will take out a loan for the purchase of refurbishment and retrofitting a house or apartment. Men would rather spend extra money on electronic equipment or a car. Women are also more afraid of taking out a loan – 58.2% have compared to 51.6% men.

Compared to the previous survey, one can notice an increase in the number of Poles who are more willing to borrow money for holidays, renovation of apartments or electronic equipment than for expenses related to the car or apartment.

This means that Poles are increasingly trusting the offer of non-bank companies, and they do not take out loans only in the event of an urgent necessity (renovation of a flat, car repair), but they also give themselves little pleasure.

Based on the collected Good Credit data,

Based on the collected Good Credit data,

Loans build awareness of budget organization and the consequences of late installments. We are pleased that Poles’ knowledge of financial management and timely payment of obligations is becoming more and more favorable. Therefore, thanks to planned activities supporting Index Good Credit practices and the commitment of our Partners, we want to educate our clients by showing them the importance of building a positive credit history in life – says Monika, Communications & PR Manager in Good Credit loans.

Interestingly, Poles are more afraid of hidden fees and high costs of borrowings than the inability to pay their debts, with only 55% of clients declaring that they read contracts carefully.

That is why Good Credit loans are running an educational campaign on private finance for the second year in a row.

Reasonable financial management, settlement of obligations and skilful saving for many Poles is a challenge. A large group of this year’s Research Partners motivates us and confirms our belief that “Index Good Credit practices.